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We aim to create a happy, secure and stimulating environment in which each child will be given opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

 Our school and nursery promote the needs of each individual child, and through the expert guidance of our highly qualified and experienced Early Years staff, we will help your child to develop a wide range of pre-school skills.

The Nursery curriculum is carefully planned and structured to encourage the development of these early skills through practical ‘play’ activities. Children’s progress is monitored and recorded so the needs of the ‘whole’ child can be met appropriately. Nursery children take part in school activities and become familiar with members of staff and school routine.

Our Nursery provides the best possible preparation for future life at school. We actively encourage a close partnership between home and school by working together to support your child’s needs.

Nursery is a very special time and we believe your child will have a happy, rewarding and productive experience at  William Gilbert Nursery School.

Aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at William Gilbert Nursery School

  • To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment  in which every child will feel valued, happy, secure and eager to learn.
  • To assure the quality of teaching and provide an appropriate Foundation Stage curriculum which supports the social, emotional, moral, intellectual, creative and physical development of the ‘whole’ child.
  • To encourage independence and confidence through opportunities to learn through play both indoors and outside.
  • To enable every child to reach their full potential in all areas of learning, by recognising that every child is unique.
  • To help children understand and follow the school’s Golden Rules.
  • To foster a sense of community by working with parents to build effective relationships based on respect and trust.
  • To help children develop respect and tolerance for all cultures within our society so they begin to understand the world in which they live.

Session Times and Arrangements

Children entitled to the universal 15 hours are welcome to join us for a morning or an afternoon session – subject to availability. Please contact the school office for more information and an application pack.

Morning session – 8.40 to 11.40 am. Children are welcomed in the Nursery at 8.50am. They can be brought in through the nursery entrance. When collecting the children please wait by the main entrance and the Nursery staff will bring the children to you.

Afternoon session – 12.45 to 3.15 pm. Children are welcomed at 12.45pm. They can be brought in through the nursery entrance. When collecting the children please wait by the main entrance and the Nursery staff will bring the children to you. Please be on time as children can become upset if they have to wait.

We do offer full days supporting the 30 hours free childcare initiative for working parents. 

Full days – 8:40  to 15:10 – 6 hours of funded education plus half an hour lunch

To check your eligibility for free childcare, please visit – www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

Once you have your eligibility code, please bring it to the school office and we will secure your place. If you need anything further or have any questions then please contact the office on 01332 840395


Parents are welcome to visit the Nursery and look around when considering Nursery Education for their child. Please telephone the school on 01332 840395 to make an appointment.

Application forms for admittance are available from the school office or click the link below.  Children are eligible for our school nursery the term after their third birthday.  Once completed, your child’s name will be placed in the Admissions file. Please notify us of any change of address or if you no longer require a place.

Every nursery class or school has a maximum number of children it can accept. If there are more applications than there are places, the governors follow the admissions criteria which can be found  following this link – William Gilbert Primary School and Nursery admissions criteria.

If your child comes to our nursery class, he or she does not have to move on to the primary school. Equally, attendance at William Gilbert Nursery does not guarantee that he or she will be offered a place in the primary school. Please note there is a separate application form and admissions criteria for places within William Gilbert Primary School. Applications are to be made via the School Place Admissions website.

Nursery Application Form please email back to emercer@williamgilbertend.derbyshire.sch.uk /enquiries@williamgilbertend.derbyshire.sch.uk