Equality Statement

At William Gilbert School we are proud of the mix of culture, religion, ability and social background that our children represent. Children arrive at our school with very different experiences and work together harmoniously.

We welcome differences and celebrate individuality, respecting the needs of the individual, the group and the school community as a whole. We seek to share the different cultures represented here to inform and enrich.

In addition we invite visitors into our school to describe their own faiths, beliefs and ways of life. The children in our school are taught to respect such visitors and approach these opportunities with a real spirit of enquiry.

We seek to develop respect for one another, acknowledging positively the similarities and differences between cultures. We encourage a sense of pride and aim to help children feel confident in discussing their own experiences and sharing their beliefs.

We recognise the importance of enabling all our children and their families equal access, as far as possible, to the facilities and activities we have to offer. High standards are possible for all and we seek to ensure that our expectations are challenging whatever the level of intellectual or physical ability, gender, race or religion. We try to extend this welcome to all our catchment , staff, parents/ guardians, children and the community.