Religious Education

‘Flourish as a child of God.’

At William Gilbert School, Religious Education enables every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness, helping them to have respect and dignity in order to live well together today and in the future.

RE at our school is a core subject, giving it a prominent and important role in the lives of all our pupils. The RE curriculum is planned sequentially to build upon pupils’ prior learning and to include many rich experiences, where pupils are stimulated and challenged. Through the Understanding Christianity resource, we aim to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of Christian belief and practice.

RE at William Gilbert School is designed to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils. It will equip them with the knowledge and skills to ask and answer challenging questions. We explore different religious beliefs, values and traditions and develop a rigorous understanding of the practices that are followed in our multi-cultural society. We want them to know how religious education promotes discernment and enables pupils to combat prejudice, preparing them foradult life, employment and life-long learning.

As a Church of England School, RE  is delivered in accordance  with the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus and the Understanding Christianity Project.

The Church of England education office gives the following aims for Church Schools:

  • To know about and understand Christianity as a diverse global living faith through the exploration of core beliefs using an approach that critically engages with Biblical text.
  • To gain knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and worldviews appreciating diversity, continuity and change within the religions and worldviews being studied.
  • To engage with challenging questions about the meaning and purpose raised by human existence and experience.
  • To recognise the concept of religion and its continuing influence on Britain’s cultural heritage and in the lives of individuals and societies in different times, cultures and places.
  • To explore their own religious, spiritual and philosophical ways living, believing and thinking.

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