‘Creating a confidence with meaning and expression, to take children forward to the future’

At William Gilbert Endowed Primary, English equips pupils with skills and articulacy that will enable them to understand and influence the world as they grow.  These skills include the ability to interpret and to express meaning from a range of sources and in a variety of contexts, and to understand and develop complex ideas.  Our aim is for pupils to find, long after their time with us, that the English skills they have developed will continue to widen their options and underpin their successes, whatever their future path in life may be.

English is an overarching discipline; it is the medium through which meaning and expression is conveyed and the gateway to other branches of learning. Our English curriculum encompasses the  National Curriculum Aims to ensure all pupils experience and develop high standards of language and literacy, equipping them with a strong command of the spoken and written word, and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.


We ensure that our children will experience a wide range of texts that promote fluency, understanding and develop regular reading habits. In school, texts are chosen to reflect our rich literary heritage and we place an emphasis on regular reading and reading for pleasure, both in school, and at home . Through a progressive use of language rich texts, children’s ability to work with more complex language is developed.  Engaging texts are key to the planning and delivery of Reading and Writing in our school.


Our writing is underpinned by the standards of reading in our school, which supports vocabulary and the understanding of conventions and structures of a range of text genres. Writing also builds on the development of accuracy in spelling and developing a progressive understanding of grammar and punctuation, which ensures that children can clearly, accurately and coherently explain their understanding and ideas.

Speaking and Listening

Both in English, and across the curriculum, children are supported by the development of skills in spoken language.  Subjects are explored and developed through discussion, and used in presentation, performance, expression and debate.

At William Gilbert, we promote pupils’ SMSC development through English in the following ways:

  • Text choice – choosing texts that represent a range of cultures and situations that will broaden the children’s knowledge of, and respect for different people’s faiths, feelings and values.
  • Using debate and discussion of a range of fictional, current or historical situations to develop children’s ability to recognise the difference between right and wrong and explore the consequences of protagonist’s behaviours and actions and make connections with their own lives.
  • Through teaching children to write, to argue, to inform, to persuade and to explain competently, equipping them with the skills to work and socialise successfully with others.
  • Through studying books that cover a range of concepts, themes and situations , including classic texts, develop children’s ability to recognise, and value, the things we share in common across cultural, religious, ethnic and socio-economic communities.

We seek to lay the foundations for a confident use of expressive language and understanding of text that will support critical thought and explanation, in whatever path they take in life.  In addition, we aim to foster a love of books that will leave them with a guide, friend and support to stay with them forever.